Life without justice is death in disguise

Egypt exploded yesterday.  Governorates as diverse as Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, Suez, and Port Said went up in flames. Why? Because too many here know that life without justice is death in disguise.

At this time of writing, at least 450 Egyptians are walking around maimed, bloodied, or bullet ridden. And we know of at least 22 who have become corpses.

For 30 years the Mubarak administration created a hell for the poor and marginalized in this country.

Political and social repression, police brutality and torture, and economic marginalization of communities were standard. And today, two years on from the toppling of Mubarak Egyptians continue to suffer much the same regardless of the switch of heads of state whether they be military or Brotherhood, both of whom did little to change this reality if not expand it to another level.

Morsy like a true president made a grand attempt to express his condolences to the families of the people who died yesterday with a single tweet on the social networking site Twitter…

Newspapers also report he and his administration promised to send the state security apparatus after those “criminals” who have disrupted the order he calls peace.

It’s an unavoidable fact that revolutions will always appear a lot more criminal from a seat in the position of power than it does when one does not sit there and President Morsy and the Brotherhood seem to characterize this completely. To paraphrase Black Agenda’s Glen Ford, the last thing that a president or an aspiring political party wants is a people’s movement in their country. The only kind of movement that these public officials want is people moving towards the ballot box once every two or four years, and then they want them quiet the rest of the time.

As for the part of the land of the free and brave, my country and the land of my birth which I came to know the world in… they have done their part to export the appropriate necessary materials for democracy building in Egypt. This includes hundreds of tanks and a set of fighter jets to the Egyptian army, tanks which we can suspect are not too different from those which a little more than a year ago crushed bodies of those Egyptian Coptic protesters at Maspero who had the nerve to protest against military rule, discrimination, and injustice.

But for many American policymakers and commentators these facts are very petty.  Debates and talks about Egypt in America are limited in scope and generally cannot venture any further than the security of Israel, an apartheid state which occupies an indigenous peoples’ land in the region. The economic, political, and social security of the actual people living in Egypt is not even an afterthought, a concept, or a concern…

Egyptians know quite well that their right to live lives of dignity with bread, economic security, and social justice has been subordinated in favor of a class of domestic and international property owners whose interests often leave them physically and economically displaced. They know that their right to live lives of self-determination and political freedom are subject to the interests of an apartheid state and a world hegemon that could care less if their military exports are used on innocents and would be quite frankly happy to refill the stocks. They know that a life like this is no real life at all.

And now as the Egyptian armed forces deploy tanks and soldiers in Cairo, Giza, Suez, Ismailia and Port Said, Egyptians prepare themselves yet again for the state violence that always accompanies resistance and refusal.


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