A blog with a strong focus on Egypt and the Middle East, the Americas, the African Diaspora, and resistance movements.




23 years. A girl. A black one. A Cairene.  A hybrid from both Americas.  A strange invention of the African diaspora. Politically-minded. Class conscious. Race-cognizant.  A Christian, of the John Brown variety.  No ambitions, in the capitalist sense of the word, thank you. I write to murder boredom and tell like-minded people: we are not alone.

  1. Ebony said:

    Wonderful blog. I’m planning to teach a class on Race in the Middle East this fall at AUC and would love to get in touch. I think the email address should show up for you as the blog owner, but if not, let me know how I can reach you.

  2. Mawukofi said:

    Fantastic! We at the PANAFRIINDABA Grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy, Research and Think Tank have immense Black Power Love for this Blog! We are eager to connect with you and all who think like you in Egypt and North Afrika. More Black Power to the Nubian Resistance! We need to know more about Activists of the Nubian Resistance to Racism. So get in touch through our EMail addresses (Panafriindaba@yahoo.com;Mawusafo@yahoo.com)

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